Bullied by the boss: Notes from a legal secretary

Bullied by the boss by Eva James (2012)Bullied by the Boss is a ground-breaking and original self-help book for those affected by workplace bullying.

Wiping the slate clean on previous suggestions such as 'have a heart to heart with your bully' or 'lodge a grievance', Eva James knows first-hand that bullies find attempts at diplomacy either hilarious or infuriating. Encouragement to lodge a grievance should come with a cardboard box for us to scoop up our family photos and nick-nacks on the way out the door.

But here’s the answer. Having been through it, researched the problem and spent years working with employment lawyers, there’s little Eva James doesn’t know: from psychological defences you can employ to compromise agreements and representing yourself at Court.

Bullied by the Boss is both an honest and original workplace bullying memoir and a feisty and entertaining survival manual that every employee needs and every bad employer should dread.

The book is now available to purchase on Amazon!